Onsite Service Information

Due to the Alaska COVID-19 state guidelines, please read below for more information! We are so excited to gather in person again. Please email office@acfak.org if you have any questions.

How can I connect with ACF Church?

We would love for you connect with ACF in any of the THREE ways!

  •  You can join us IN PERSON on Sundays @ 9 and 11am at ACF Church!
  •  Online on YouTube or Facebook @acfak on Sundays at 9 & 11am or Wednesdays 7pm.
  •  We also have our Home Churches, we call Outposts! Learn more by clicking here.

ACF Kids is OPEN!

We will be assessing each child for your health and safety and following detailed cleaning protocols. We look forward to seeing you and your children!

Will there be masks?

We want you to arrive however you are comfortable. Some will wear masks and some won’t. We will be taking extra precautions to sanitize our entire building. We will also have a “Mask Only” section for those who need it. 

What about people with Covid symptoms?

Please join us at our Online campus until you are well! You’re part of our family.

Will it be awesome?

Yes. We think it will truly be awesome.