Colossians 3:23-24

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward.  It is the Lord Christ you are serving.”

Thoughts from Pastor Josh

Dive Deeper

Behind the Scenes

Work can be boring.   Work can be oppressive.  Work can drain the soul.     We live in a fallen world, and the work we do suffers because of this fact.   Even in the best of jobs, we have days where we go to sleep at night defeated, exhausted, and wondering if we should have gone into another career.  

Some people view work as a necessary evil that we do until we die and go to heaven where we float on a cloud and are on eternal vacation.   God, however, designed us for work.   He intended work to be a positive aspect of creation and we will serve God by working for His kingdom for all eternity.  One day, we will live in a restored and healed creation, heaven and earth joined, where we will continue to work and serve God.  This work will be interesting, refreshing, and fill a piece of our soul because we will do it with God, in God, and through God. 

Although the work we do here on earth now suffers from being in a fallen world, we can still experience peace and fulfillment.  No matter who fills the position of our earthly boss, we ultimately work and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.  All jobs fill a place in our society.  Whether the job is being an executive of a Fortune 500 company or cleaning toilets, whether you earn a wage or are a stay-at-home parent, the work you do matters to Jesus and the Kingdom of God.  By working, you serve others, no matter the job title.  God worked when he created the world, Jesus worked as a carpenter during his time or earth, and the Spirit works through us when we surrender ourselves to God.  God is all about work.  He is our ultimate boss, and all we do is for Him. 

Make it Real

 The work you do today may be temporary until you enter another phase of life, or it may be part of a long career.   Whatever work you do, take some time at the beginning of each day, quiet your mind, and pray to Jesus.  Ask him to give you a sense of purpose.   Ask him to open your eyes and let you see how you serve others.   No matter whether you have a great boss or one who tests your patience, let the fact sink into your soul that you ultimately work for Jesus.  All you do will be rewarded one day by the King of Kings, Boss of Bosses.  Pray that you feel God’s Holy Spirit guiding you and sustaining you through the day.    

As you go through the day, keep an “open line” to Him.   Pray when you encounter difficult situations and difficult people.  Pray when you feel the grind.  Pray when you feel irritation and frustration.  Also, and this is crucial, pray when you encounter success, achieve a goal, overcome a trial.  Thank Him for the good things.  Jesus is with you as you go through your day, and you have God’s Spirit living within you to help you, whatever your day has in store for you.   Persevere and one day you will hear Jesus say, “well done faithful servant!” 

Johnny Spence

Johnny Spence

ACF Devo Team

End in Prayer

Jesus, be with me today and everyday as I go about my work.   Let me feel the Spirit working through me as I meet challenges.   Help me remember I serve you and your kingdom when I feel the grind.   Thank you for empowering me and allowing me to do mighty deeds in your name.   Help me make Alaska as in Heaven.   Amen.