Proverbs 15:5

A fool despises his father’s instruction, but whoever heeds reproof is prudent.”

Thoughts from Pastor Josh

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Behind the Scenes

I was blessed with good parents who knew how to discipline with love.   Good parents instruct with wisdom and love and use discipline to correct and guide.  This discipline does not arise from malice and anger but comes from a loving desire to see children avoid harm and follow a healthy fruitful path.    

There is a reason we as Christians call God “Father.”  Once we accept Jesus as our savior and Lord, we have the awesome privilege of calling the creator of all the universe our Father.  He is not a distant fatherly figure.  He is a “Dad” with whom we can have a personal individual relationship.  Like an earthly parent, he loves us and wants the best for us.  His standards for holy living are not arbitrary rules but are offered to give us healing and freedom.  Like a good earthly parent, our Father knows what is best for us and will use discipline to bring us back onto the correct path.   

A wise and loving earthly parent would not let a child play in a busy street or drink a poisonous liquid.   This parent makes the child bathe and go to school and eat proper foods to have a healthy and abundant life.   Whether we are kids, teens, or adults, we are children of God the Father.  He has a wisdom far above ours no matter our intelligence or level of common sense or life experiences.   We do well to listen to His Word and follow His guidance.   When we stray, He will use discipline to guide us back onto a healthy path.  Like a parent keeping a child safe from disease or a speeding car, God the Father loves us and wants us to walk obediently with Him so that we can have abundant life.  

Make it Real

If you have never said yes to Jesus, do that now.   Turn your life over to Him, accept His sacrifice that wipes away our rebellion and mistakes and make Him Lord of your life.   When you do this, you enter an awesome relationship as a child of God the Father.  This takes humility.  You admit that like an earthly child, you need the guidance of the awesome One who created the stars and all life.  Pray and worship.   Read the Bible which is the living Word of God.   You will receive wisdom and guidance.  When you mess up and your life has gone astray, God will discipline you in some way to guide you back on the proper path.  This experience is not pleasant, but if you are wise and not foolish, you will listen, learn, and adjust.  You will get back on the correct path.   

Maybe you had bad parents anyou have trouble trusting God as a Father.  Some things to remember: God is not sadistic and does not discipline to punish or abuse.  He is pure and holy and His entire being is love.   He will not abandon you, abuse you, or manipulate you.   He loved you so much He gave His only Son up to torture and death to have a relationship with you.  When you obey Him, accept His wisdom, and live life according to His ways, you will possess foundation that cannot be shaken by life’s storms.   You will have a purposeful abundant life. 

Johnny Spence

Johnny Spence

ACF Devo Team

End in Prayer


Thank you for your love and your guidance.  No one enjoys being disciplined but give me the wisdom and humility to accept it and learn from it so that I may walk abundantly in your grace and peace.